We Don’t Play Tonight – A Giant Sand Playlist (Friday Gold #26)

A couple of months ago we featured Tuscon songwriting legend Howe Gelb. As promised, we’re returning now with a playlist focused on Howe’s work in Giant Sand, which is the band name he’s probably most associated with.

Howe retired the Giant Sand name in 2016. Time will tell whether that retirement is temporary or permanent. Regardless, there are many great Giant Sand albums out there to explore.

One of the most impressive things about Giant Sand is how well the music holds up. The oldest of these songs are 25+ years old. The newest are from 2015. And they all sound amazing.

Happy listening!

1. We Don’t Play Tonight

2. Shiver

3. Classico

4. Hurtin Habit

5. Robes of Bible Black

6. Yer Ropes

7. Loving Cup

8. Sisters and Brothers

9. Chunk of Coal

10. Wonder

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