More Songs My Kids Play on Repeat (Friday Gold #22)

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, it seemed like a good time for another playlist of songs my kids are obsessed with.

Many of these songs are new favorites that they found through a game I made up to get them to stop requesting the same Queen songs over and over. The game is simple: I pick a song and they try to guess what it is. (They’re getting really good at it.)

1. Temporary Secretary – Paul McCartney

2. 74-75 – The Connells

3. Little Baby – Buddy Holly

4. Rainbows – Madness

5. Why Baby Why – The Secret Sisters

6. The Boat is in the Barn – Grandaddy

7. Quick Quick Slow Slow – Dale Watson

8. Wouldn’t it Be Nice – The Beach Boys

9. Oh, You Pretty Things! – David Bowie

10. Nothing Compares 2 U – Prince

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