Running Behind – A Howe Gelb Playlist (Friday Gold #15)

I’ve seen Howe Gelb play to hundreds of people and I’ve seen him play to a room empty except for myself and a few friends. His approach was the same in both scenarios. Put on a show, but let that show take whatever direction the moment calls for. Sometimes that might mean he plays cds for a while during the set. In other cases, maybe he’ll take requests.

That’s part of the fun of seeing Howe live. The only thing that you can predict is that it will be memorable and entertaining.

Howe makes albums under his own name, Gant Sand, Arizona Amp and Alternator, Band of Blacky Ranchette and others. They’re pretty much all worth listening to.

It’s not possible to capture Howe in a 10-song playlist. So I’m going to break this up into parts. First up, Howe the solo artist. In a few weeks, we’ll come back with a Giant Sand playlist and a playlist of songs under some of Howe’s other band names.

Happy listening!

1. Running Behind

2. Windblown Waltz

3. Every Now and Then

4. Lying There

5. 4 Door Maverick

6. Saint Conformity

7. (There Were) Always Horses Coming

8. That’s How Things Get Done

9. Pedal Steel and She’ll

10. Left (featuring Jason Lytle)

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