Keep the Car Running: A spring break road trip playlist (Friday Gold #10)

For me, spring break has always meant road trips. One of the most memorable such trips I took was from Washington to Mexico with three college friends—one of whom insisted on driving every second of the entire trip. After a late night pit stop somewhere in Nevada, we climbed back in the car and the one woman who was with us accidentally shut the door on her bottle of pepper spray, shooting it in to the back seat and right in to someone’s face.

Here’s hoping your spring break is memorable and free from pepper spray incidents.

1. White Ferrari – Frank Ocean

2. Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire

3. 409 – The Beach Boys

4. Chevy Van – Waylon Jennings

5. Still Drivin’ – Paul Cauthen

6. Back of a Car – Big Star

7. Double A Daddy – Wayne “The Train” Hancock

8. Car – Built to Spill

9. Driving Along – Harry Nilsson

10. Drive My Car – The Beatles

Drive my car from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

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