We the People: The Power of Protest Music (Friday Gold #6)

We live in troubled and uncertain times.

That phrase, or some variation of it, has been fitting almost without fail throughout history.

Artists and musicians have unfailingly responded to the issues of their times with work that protests injustice and provides commentary on the controversies of the day.

The best of this work remains powerful and feels relevant today, just as the best of today’s protest art will inspire viewers and listeners for decades to come.

1. Know Your Rights – The Clash

2. We the People – A Tribe Called Quest

3. Masters of War – Bob Dylan

4. The Day After Tomorrow – Tom Waits

5. Redemption Song – Bob Marley

6. Hey Mr. President – Peter La Farge

7. MariKKKopa – Desaparecidos

8. Fight the Power – Public Enemy

9. Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday

10. D’Angelo & The Vanguard – The Charade

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