A Good Flying Day: Music from The Sadies (Friday Gold #5)

More people should know the music of The Sadies. Formed in Toronto in 1994, they released their 10th full-length album, Northern Passages, last week.

In addition to their own albums, they’ve been credited as the primary backing band on several others, notably The Tigers Have Spoken (Neko Case & The Sadies) and Country Club (John Doe & The Sadies).

Their albums tend to be a mix of country western and rock, occasionally interspersed with interludes that sound like they might belong in a modern spaghetti western movie. Sound good? Yeah, of course it does.

There’s too much good music to cover in one, 10-song playlist. But, if you’re new to the band, consider this a jumping off point.

1. Another Year Again

2. Lay Down Your Arms

3. So Much Blood

4. A Good Flying Day

5. It’s Easy (Like Walking) (featuring Kurt Vile)

6. The First Inquisition (Part 4)

7. I’m An Old, Old Man (Trying to Live While I Can) (Andre Williams & The Sadies

8. Higher Power

9. Detroit City (John Doe & The Sadies)

10. Another Season Again

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