Be mine, America (Friday Gold #4)

2016 wasn’t exactly the year of love and kindness.

2017 is off to a pretty rough start in that regard too.

I think maybe we could use a reset—or at least a quick break—and the week of Valentine’s Day seems like a pretty good time for it.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Trump supporter, or one of the disillusioned people in between, this playlist is my Valentine to you. I hope it brings you a little joy today.

1. Smile – David Byrne

2. The Best Things in Life Are Free – Sam Cooke

3. Be Mine – Alabama Shakes

4. Junie – Solange

5. Domino – Van Morrision

6. The Glory of Love – Nina Simone

7. Uh-huh – Sinkane

8. We Can Make It – George Jones

9. All You Need is Love – The Beatles

10. Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) – The Specials

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